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Duck & Goose Calls For Sale


This website is maintained regularly and is up to date. I answer all emails. If you do not get a reply, look in your spam or junk folder. Or call me, 740-698-5060

I have a 30 year collection of Glynn Scobey Calls, about 100 in all. They range from very early to last, many are one of a kind and or have a special letter attached. Some are FIRSTS made for me: the 1st duck calls he painted just hens on at my request, 1st painted wood duck, some made for Dale's Decoy Den anniversaries, multiple ducks or geese, etc. Most, if not all, are Mint, most have boxes and papers. If any one has a serious interest in all of them, contact me. I am not interested in breaking them up.


Harlan, Howard and Andrews, Crew. Harlan Anderson Press. 1988, SIGNED AND INSCRIBED. Special Ducks Unlimited Edition. 4to, 324pp. Laid in is a card from DU stating the book has over 800 calls covered and 450 makers, plus the history of duck calls. Also laid in is a 1992 PRICE GUIDE! The photo shows both the book and the laid in price guide, it is not two pics of the book. Yes it is dated, but it gives relative values. Book is nr very fine, dj has some tears, mostly on back, very good+. SOLD (dlx)

Harlan, Howard and Andrews, Crew. Harlan Anderson Press. 1988, Special Ducks Unlimited Edition. 324pp. Harlan, Howard and Andrews, Crew. Harlan Anderson Press. 1988, The book covers over 800 calls and 450 makers, plus the history of duck calls. Book is very fine. Dj with small price sticker removal mark between Duck and Calls on front cover, spine faded, and closed tear on top of spine and back, another where dj folds around back outside edge of back cover, 4" crease on back and light edge wear, otherwise vg+. All that to the dj, only. Book is as new. $85

Duck Calls of Illinois, Bob Christensen. A terrific book by a terrific guy. Interested in Perdew calls? Olt calls? Or any other call made in Illinois before 1963? It's in here. Great photos augment detailed text. Brand new copies available. $39.95

Paul Kingyon Double Reed Duck Call. Cocabolo. Fresh to the market, I just bought it from the original owner. In Paul's hand writing, in pen, it says: "Made for (man's name)" and Signed by Paul Kingyon. Call is early, made and bought in 1976. Note the nice wide flare on the insert. This is not the normal osage wood, but a step up to cocabolo. A couple of spots in the finish, but all in all Exc. $325 Sale Pending

I sell collectible shot shell boxes also. To view them, go to my Home Page and scroll down to the link to the Shot Shell Box Page.

Glynn Scobey Painted Goose Call. This is an early call, without turning rings, wooden insert, Ca 1970s. (For those who ask me to let them know about a call before I put on line, I try to be fair to everyone and do it like I do. That aside, I did email two guys who said they wanted early or all wood Scobey goose calls. Two days later I have not heard from either of them! Why should I waste my time that way? Someone out there could have already bought this call if I had just listed it to begin with) Light handling marks, bright, clean finish, nice wood, Exc+ $175 Photo didn't upload. I will put it on the next photo session today or tomorrow...

Ralph True Duck Call. Big 6 1/2 inch Reelfoot style metal reed call, made in Minnesota. (Mr "True also made a smaller, plastic reed call with a different shape.) Ca 1950. One slight 1/4 inch imprint in wood near collar is all that keeps this call from Mint. Not too many of these around, especially this clean. Exc++ $195

Faulk's Duck Call. Cane. Old one, see Fortenot p 110, call upper right of lower photo. Made from 1950s into 70s or maybe 80s. Mint. $45

Faulk's Duck Call. Cane. Newer. Mint in box with instructions written inside box. $25

Broadbill Duck Call. Made for calling diving ducks, one of the few calls to do so. No date on metal, so presume early. Paint has wear in the right places to show it has called some ducks. VG $55

Holiday Shotshell Box. 12ga. (We have many more collectible shotshell boxes for sale, see them on the Shotshell page (go to my Home Page and scroll down to find the link to the boxes.) These Holiday boxes are the only Shotshell boxes the artist put his signature on. This one has pair pheasants on one side and pair mallards on the other side, also unique among shotshell boxes. Highly collectible because of the beautiful graphics. Ca 1970s. Some youngster has outlined the hen mallard faintly in pen. The pheasant side has light spotting, likely picked up on a field excursion. All in all the box is VG and displays well. Modestly priced due to the mentioned issues. See following photo for the obverse of this box. $30

Charles Haddon Perdew Duck Call. Yes, Haddon's first name was Charles just like his dad's. Mint. $499

P S Olt S-8 Squirrel Call. Lettering worn, spring weak, but works. $15

P S Olt C-3 Duck Call. The two piece version of this "cigar" shaped call. I like the sound they make. This one is Mint. $65

P S Olt D-2 Duck Call. Keyhole. All hard rubber. Exc+ $115

P S Olt D-200 Duck Call. Wood barrel has light finish loss, Exc-. $30

P S Olt E-1 Crow Call. All hard rubber. Lettering worn about 60% remaining. "Registered trade mark". Call is Mint. $19

Holiday Shotshell Box. 12ga. (We have many more collectible shotshell boxes for sale, see them on the Shotshell page (go to my Home Page and scroll down to find the link to the boxes.) These Holiday boxes are the only Shotshell boxes the artist put his signature on. This one has pair pheasants on one side and pair mallards on the other side, also unique among shotshell boxes. Highly collectible because of the beautiful graphics. Ca 1970s. Some youngster has outlined the hen mallard faintly in pen. The pheasant side has light spotting, likely picked up on a field excursion. All in all the box is VG and displays well. Modestly priced due to the mentioned issues. See previous photo for the obverse of this box. $30

Sam "Cox Call" Duck Call. Checkered Cocobola with Sam's brand and flying duck. Quality call all the way. Not many made. Mint (eel) SOLD

Chick Major, Herb Parsons Model. I don't use Rare often, but these are beyond Scarce. Brass banded walnut call has called many ducks according to its original owner. It sounds like it has more ducks in it. Wear on lacquer on band and light handling marks, but remarkablly good for the use it has had. Parsons was a trick shooter and well known for his "palm swell" stocks on his shotguns. The calls he had Chick make for him are "meatier" than Chick's normal Dixie model calls. My guess is Herb had big hands and, like with his "palm swell" gun stocks, he wanted more wood to hold on to. Exc. (ltl) SOLD

P. S. Olt D-2 Duck Call. World Logo call in World Logo box with partial World Logo banner on insert. Some lettering is faint, Logo is strong. Box is missing lid, but bottom is Exc. Call is Exc. $75 Sale Pending

P. S. Olt D-2 Duck Call. Barrel and lettering are Mint. Insert has teeth marks on end. A bored hunter? Teething child? Puppy? Good sound. Exc- $45

Glynn Scobey Duck Call. Metal reed. Check out the shoulder on this call, it is an old one. Signed with a pen, also an indication of age. I'd say about 1960s. Mint with hand painted mallard. (dll) SOLD

Glynn Scobey Duck Call. Unusual shape. Glynn told me he made these on special order about 1967. He also told me he only used the brown inserts from 1967-69, so that pretty much confirms the age of this call. It is a wider bore than his later plastic reed calls. I think he called it his 5/8th bore. Mint with hand painted mallard. These unusual shapes add greatly to any assemblage of Glynn's calls, whether you call it a collection or not. (dll) SOLD

Jake Gartner Duck Call. One of a kind: Hand written, by Jake, in gold it says, "Special made for Chas. H. Bradshaw". It then has U.S. Patten Office number 537116 and "World's Champion 1947-48-49". Call and lettering are Mint. $285 Sale Pending

P. S. Olt Junior Crow, Model J-16. This is the scarce red marblized barrel. Mint in Mint box with papers. SOLD (yx)

Ken Martin Goose Call. This is Ken's earliest brand, the small letter Lemont, Ill., ca early 1960s. It is very difficult to find Ken's calls this old in this condition. There is one tape mark on one side of the box and very light corner rubbing, otherwise it is as new. Mint in old style box with original papers. (dllz) SOLD

Thompson Wildlife Calls Duck Call. This is the Million dollar duck call! Mint. SOLD (cxz)

Glynn Scobey Painted Wood Duck Call. Yes, I must have lost my mine to list this little gem, but here it is. Briefly, here is the story of painted wood duck calls as I know it from conversations with Glynn. I bugged him for one for years. He finally painted a wood duck he thought "did the bird justice". I have that call and a letter with it saying it was the first he made and painted. This call is NOT that one. Glynn went back to work trying and trying to "do the bird justice" in a style he could reproduce swiftly enough to offer at his normal price. Unfortunately that came too close to the end, and there are simply not many out there. Mint in every way. (I bought it from Glynn, sold it and bought it back.) I am almost sure I have the box for it here somewhere. SOLD (in two days: eyl)

Charles "Charlie" H. Perdew Cedar Duck Call. This call is brand new to the market from a northern Illinois town, having been in one family for generations. Photo shows a chip to the ringed end of insert. There is a matching chip on the opposite side also. Otherwise it is a very nice, old Perdew retaining its original German silver reed, complete original finish, gold paint still strong in letters, bands are tightly pinned. Better sound than most I have heard, I believe it could still call a duck. Exc- $595

Mallardtone 295 Duck Call. Mint. SOLD (lx)

Mallardtone Duck Call. Mint in very good box, bottom only with original paperwork. SOLD (ox)

Faulk's PL-22 Goose Call. Mint in nr exc box. $30

Sure Shot Double Reed Duck Call. Maker of Yentzen duck call. Owner and maker won World Championships using Yentzen call. Call is Exc+, box vg-, top flap missing. $35

Duck Commander Woodie. You guessed it, a wood duck call. Mint. SOLD (zcx)

Kum Duck Duck Call. Thick green hard rubber. So close a copy to the Olt D-2 keyhole toneboard, that Olt sued and put them out of business. Seems to me to be every bit as loud, maybe louder than the Olt keyhole D-2. No reason it couldn't be modified the same way to produce a real screamer. Exc. $59

Echo. Double Reed Duck Call. Very loud. Mint $45

Ken Martin Small Letter Lemont, Il. Duck Call. Early 1960s. A good look at the relative size difference between the two brands Ken used. He went to the larger size because the smaller was hard for some folks to read. Not us of course, but others... Has some handling marks ans scratches, mostly to insert. Exc. $125

Ken Martin Large Letter Lemont, Il. Duck Call. Mid to late 1960s. A good look at the relative size difference between the two brands Ken used. He went to the larger size because the smaller was hard for some folks to read. Mint. $125

Ken Martin Salmon, Id. Duck Call. 1970s-80s. Perhaps the most difficult of the Ken Martin Duck call stamps to find, as he was at Salmon such a short time. One small spot of finish off at collar, else Mint. SOLD (ddx)

Glynn Scobey Metal Reed Duck Call with hand painted mallard, hand signed by Glynn on reverse. How many of you noticed the uncommon brown insert? Good eyes. Glynn used the brown insert for only a few years, 1967-9. Exc+ SOLD (dcl)

Matched Pair of Art Beauchamp Laminated Duck and Goose set. Finding a matched set of laminated Beauchamps is not easy, especially in this condition. I have said elsewhere, Art and his friend Chick Major Laminated their calls in exactly the same manner, with the thin maple verticle strips. Both have the original cherry red reeds. Both are Mint. SOLD (eyl)

Original Green Head Adjustable Duck Call. Yes, for you younger folks, this is what the original Green Head Adjustable looked like. Patent number stamped on barrel, granted in 1953. This call is fresh from the maker's estate where it has been kept in Mint condition for almost 70 years. Toneboard is aluminum, not plastic, as in the reissues years later. Unusual red and green insert. Mint. $95

Stubble King Duck Call. Canada's able offering to the market of duck and goose calls. Ca 1973. Mint in box with papers. $65

Above pic, left to right: Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Hand painted goose by Glynn and signed by him on reverse. Mint. SOLD (dcl)

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Very old Scobey, all wood, and withOUT any turning rings. Made well before 1985 when he switched to plastic inserts, this one is more likely 1970s, maybe earlier. Light handling marks, Exc+ SOLD (exx)

Mallardtone Duck. Have you seen what these are selling for elsewhere??? Unreal. Mint. SOLD (ox)

Mallardtone Goose. Mint. SOLD (cx)

Mallardtone Double Reed Duck. These are hard to find. Rubbs to the label, still Exc-. SOLD (zlt)

Iverson Duck Call. Osage Orange. Iverson offered 4 levels of calls, depending on the wood used. Osage orange was level 3, 2nd best. This call has an 805 reed in it and a second, 806 reed and cork, in the plastic case to the right of the call in pic. Mint in box. (dlx) SOLD

J. C. Higgins (Sears) Crow Call. Ca late 50s. My very first call was a similar call, long gone. Made by Greenhead for Sears. Looks like it had a plastic band around collar, no longer here, else Exc. (el)

Mangrum Duck Call. This is typical of his unique shape. Mr Mangrum made calls in Michigan in the 1930s (see Harlan). Interesting copper reed design: reed is slipped into a slot and them additional folded pieces of same material inserted to hold the reed tight. Insert is pine, barrel either spruce or pine. This is the best Mangrum call I remember seeing as the soft woods wear easily. Scarce call. Exc+ (eol) SOLD

Mike McLemore Duck Call. Blackwood with brown streaks. Beautiful call made by a craftsman and a gentleman. Mint. SOLD (oex)

Chick Major's Dixie Mallard Call. Only Chick's name is on the label. I think these Gold labels are from the 60s, I am certain they predate the black ones. Label is complete, but has wrinkled. Call is without blemish, Mint. SOLD (eel)

Mystery call. Thank you all for your input. We agree, this is a Herb Parsons Call, made by Chick Major. It is a later call, being larger than the early ones, but with the same shape and brass band. All that fits the information I got from the daughter of the original owner. Made about 1980, and engraved with the name of the man who bought it originally from Parsons. Once again, thank you to all who took the time to lend their expertise to my request for same. This call is staying with me for a while.

P. S. Olt C-3 Perfect Mallard Call. Hard rubber, threaded keyhole insert with black reed. Dreadfully loud. Strong white lettering, Exc. $95

P S Olt C-3 Duck. This is the original three piece C-3, hard rubber of course. Exc. $95

P S Olt WD-13 Wood Duck Call. Mint. SOLD (dl)

P S Olt Mark V Duck. Mint in box bottom, no top. Box is wrinkled and, while makes a nice nest for the call, is only vg-. I don't know what the camera saw, but ther is no damage to the label. It, like the call is absolutley Mint. SOLD (elz)

P S Olt DD-120 Double Reed Duck. Mint in box, no top. Both box, bottom only, and call are Mint. SOLD (elz)

P S Olt S-8 Squirrel. Older, hard rubber call. Lettering worn, call still works. Vg-. $15

P S Olt World Logo D-2 Duck. 1950s, red print and lettering on box. World logo on both the call and box. Call is Exc+ in Exc box (one corner of plastic lid). SOLD (ntz)

The Amazing "Scotch" Duck Call. Mint in exc box with papers and instruction sheets. (el) SOLD)

Cajun Duck. This became the D 101 Model. These slim walnut calls were said to have the same "feel" as the cane calls. Fontenot, p 138. Exc+ $35 SOLD (zcl)

"Cedar Cane" (Cajun) Duck. 1960s. Fontenot, p. 133. Wear to some lettering and finish, Exc-. SOLD (znl)

Cajun Goose. 1940s-50s. Fontenot, p 135. Weak stamped label, as made. Mint. $40

Cajun Goose. 1940s-50s. Fontenot, p 135. Better stamped label. Mint. $45

Faulks Duck C-100. Mint $20

Lohman Double Reed Duck. Double reed! Nice sound. Puppy chew to end of insert, else exc. $25

Lohman Pintail-Wigeon. Mint. $15

Lohman Duck. this is the wrong insert. The one that belongs in it is the insert at far right of this abouve photo. I can't get this one out--yet. Maybe you can. Exc+. Call and both iserts, $15

Herters Goose. These get my vote for the worst sounding goose call ever made. Exc. $25

Haydel's Variable Tone Mallard. Mint. $13

Waterfowl USA Duck. Mint. Have two, each $10

Gray goose call. I don't know all the new calls. Not my focus point. Sounds like a specklebelly to me. Mint. $14

Primos Wood Duck, Model 807. Mint. $10

World Champion Calls 6 n 1 Duck. Mint with lanyard. $10

Echo Call. Double Reed Duck. Walnut barrel, aluminum band, acrylic insert. Loud. Mint. (There is a better photo of this call above on this page.) $45

Johnny Stewart DC-2 Duck Call. Double reed. Says patent pending. Cleaver lanyard attachment connects the insert to the barrel so the former won't fall out and get lost. Even has a serial number! Ca 1980. Mint. SOLD (cx)

Iverson Duck Call. Teak. "C T 4" stamped on toneboard along with name. Mint. $100 Sale Pending

Iverson Duck Call. Blackwood. "160" written in pencil on reed. Mint. Paired with the goose call below, the package deal is SOLD (elx)

Iverson Goose Call. Blackwood. Mated pair with above. (One ring means duck, two rings means goose it seems) The very feel of Iverson's finish in your hands bespeaks quality workmanship. Take the pair for SOLD (elx)

Earl Dennison Combination Pintail (Sprig) and Wigeon Call. I showed the owner carved "W" because the maker didn't identify which end was which. Of course you can tell by blowing, but by then you may have missed an opportunity at calling the birds you were looking at. The W is the wigeon end. Otherwise Mint. SOLD (zol)

Ken Martin Duck Call. This is a very interesting offering. As I have said before, Ken was continually trying to make a duck call shape other than the one we all know. I am sure he made this style while in Idaho, but first used it upon moving to Olive Branch. The reason for the label is that after moving it took longer to make a new brand than to make some labels. So, while waiting for the brand to be finished,m Ken had these labels made. Most guys removed them, or they fell off in use. But, back to the call design: this style is the one Ken would soon use as his first year Signature Call (hand signed) in 1987. I think he really liked it and hoped the public would too. The public liked his regular, acorn style better. I like this style a lot. There is a lot more work making this barrel than the plain, normal, barrel. That could be why he was tired of making the old style. This call is walnut, both insert and barrel, made from same stock. Call is Mint in box with paperwork. I doubt many such exist. SOLD (elx)

Earl Dennison Limited Edition Specially Made, Hand Signed and Numbered Duck and Goose Call Set. The only thing I can add to the above, which is the original descripton for the set, is that this set is #59 of 250, and so stated on both calls. Both calls are individually hand signed also. Special woods as stated above. Mint in Mint presentation case. SOLD (otl)

Earl Dennison Duck Call. "The Duck Call Man". Metal reed. This call with the silver label is much older than the later calls made by Earl's son, Tom. These silver labels are old, the calls dating back to Earl himself. Cherry barrel with cedar insert. Exc+ $150

Sure Shot Duck Caller. Groves, Texas on label with not zipcode. Double reed. Mint. SOLD (ex)

Mallartone Pintail Whistle. A little hard to find, especially Mint. SOLD (el)

Glynn Scobey Duck Call. Model 600, plastic reed. Mint in box with papers. SOLD (dxx)

Glynn Scobey Duck Call. Model 300, metal reed. Mint int box with papers. SOLD (del)

Lohman Duck Call. This one has a beautifully painted mallard drake flying above cattails on it. Mint. SOLD (el)

P. S. Olt K-11 Diving (Diver) Duck Call. Lettering is mostly gone, but the call works just fine. It is not easy to find any call for diving ducks, but to find one call that changes from canvasback, to redhead to scaup just by moving the insert in or out is fantastic! And you just did. I will call it Very Good, although operationally it is perfect. $70

Black Duck Duck Call. Deluxe zebra wood, so stated on the box. This model was above the standard model they offered. Mint in box w/o plastic lid. SOLD (ol)

These calls are fresh to the market from a collection I just purchased. I think the collection was assembled prior to the mid 1980s, with peak activity about 1980. First come, first served. Good luck.

Glynn Scobey Duck Call. Big metal reed Reel Foot Lake style call, ca 1980. Mallard hand painted by Glynn and hand sighned on reverse side of the barrel. Mint. SOLD (dox)

Tom Turpin Duck Call. Big metal reed Reel Foot Lake style call. One mallard stamped into barrel, assembled and sold by Melancon. Mint. $175 SOLD

Ken Martin Goose Call. Beautifully figured butternut I believe. Small letter Lemont, Ill dates it to early 1960s. Mint. SOLD (dul)

Three Call Set of Iverson Calls. Top quality as always with Iverson. The three calls are all cocabolo. Left to right, they are goose, duck and pintail/wigeon calls. Sold only as a set of three. Mint. SOLD (cnl)

Chick Major Banded Duck Call. I have show three pictures of this call to show its many features. Cherry wood barrel with walnut insert. I tried to show the swirls in the grain in second photo, but actual call is better than the photo. The brass band is engraved with owner's name, some scrolls and a mallard landing. It is the latter I tried to show in the third photo of this call, far right. ONLY Chick's name is on the black tv screen label. Light handling marks on insert, else One of a kind. Mint. SOLD (etl)

Ken Martin Goose Call, Idaho Falls, Idaho. (1970s) Nice clean call, with some very nice walnut. My pic doesn't show of the lights and darks in the wood they way they truly are. Has some handling marks, proving it has had a life over the past few decades. Hopefully it has seen some geese doing the back float in front of the blind a time or two. Retains Ken's knotless lanyard, always a plus. Bright red reed. Exc. SOLD (del)

Art Beachamp Duck Call. Art's calls are so petite they wear very easily, around your neck that is. Small, light and not always in the way, especially on those early season hunts when we are not bundled up. And he had a unique shape, easily recognized in the field or in a collection. (No this is not the same call as the one a few photos down, it is a little cleaner. Thanks for asking.) Very clean, Exc. SOLD (znl)

Thunderstrike Duck Call. Barrel is made of American Chestnut!!! How cool is that? (I have one piece of that grand old tree that the Chinese Chestnut blight all but drove to extiction. It is from an old fence post I found while checking my traps ove 45 years ago.) Insert is black locust, making the call totally unique. Name, date and lightning stike are applied before the final finish is put on, so they will not deteriorate easily. Two piece reed assembly is made of cedar. SIGNED on toneboard and dated. Nice package. Mint. SOLD (el)

Charlie Bishop Checkered Call. Signed with his stamped in initials just above lanyard grove. Quality checkering job. Made with his tried and true trutone insert. Very few of Charlie's calls were checkered, making this one a choice item. Mint. $175

P. S. Olt D-2 Duck Call. Round hole BUT with the circular cut out along tone channel. I have been told these can be modified the same as the Keyhole tone board. They don't come much better, this one with bright white lettering and only light handling marks. Exc+. $65

Broadbill Call. About as good as I have seen in a long while. I doubt these were mint when they left Mr Hanson's kitchen table. Very light denture marks on tone board and slight wear to gray paint on the hardware. Exc+ SOLD (zyx)

Marshland Call. Relief carved and painted by hand especially for Marshland. There is a pair of mallards, the hen with mouth wide open calling, and a pair of pintails, beautifully carved and painted. Signed on top of collar, "J. Rinehart". Marshland stamped on back of toneboard. There is no mark on any knid on the drake pintail's head. The vertical line there was sone shine the camera picked up. THERE IS ONLY ONE CARVED MARSHLAND CALL FOR SALE. THE THREE PICS ARE OF THE SAME CALL TO SHOW THREE OF THE FOUR DUCKS CARVED ON IT. The forth one is the hen pintail. Mint in box. SOLD (elx)

Black Duck Call. Stamped "Black Duck, Whiting, Ind." Mint. SOLD (OT)

P. S. Olt D-2 Duck Call. "Cut down", modified. Keyhole, hardrubber. Really loud and soooo easy to blow. SOLD (dxx)

Ken Martin Goose Call. Idaho Falls, Id. ca 1970s. SOLD (dcl)

Ken Martin Duck Call. Small letter Lemont, Ill. ca 1960s. Bright, clean, Exc. $110

Remington Shur Shot. FULL. 16ga. 2 9/16 inch shells. One of the known 88 varieties of this red and green box used by Remenington for years. Colors are strong, corners lightly rubbed. Overall VG+ (some would list it a EXC) $27 I have many more shotshell boxes listed. go to my Home Page, link at the bottom of every page, and click on the Shotgun Shell Boxes link to go them.

Art Beachamp Duck Call. The original Beachamp call with the bright red reed and pre-zip code address. Ca 1955. Art was an excellent caller and was a Champion and Champion of Champions. He learned his call making from Chick Major who was a close friend. Some wear to the label, but very few of these lables survived. Call is Exc. SOLD (zux)

Winchester Ranger With Setter on point. 2 5/8 inch shells. FULL, sort of, read on. Is he pointing a grouse or woodcock? We will have to move in and flush it to find out... I love this box. (My first purchase of it was for 27 full boxes. What a thrill. But I digress.) It has all 25 shells, but they have been fired. One of them has a hand written note that says "first rabbit". Pretty cool. Great colors, little wear, EXC. $79 I have many more shotshell boxes listed. Go to my Home Page link at the bottom of every page, and click on the Shotgun Shell Boxes link to go them.

Above photo, left to right:

Sears Duck Call. Ca 1955-1965. Plastic band says "Duck Call" on the other side of the call. A really clean call with only some tiny, tiny handling marks. Nr Mint. SOLD (ox)

Ken Martin Duck Call. An important Ken Martin call for several reasons: It is the only time he used a stick on label instead of his brand. He did this right after he moved back to Illinois from Idaho. The reason was simple, it took longer to have his brand made than to get labels printed, so he used them for a short time in Olive Branch. It is unusual to find a call that still has this label. Gunners took them off or they fell off or worn off quickly. The second reason this call is important to from a collecting standpoint is that it is an unusual shape. I have said elsewhere Ken kept trying to come up with another style barrel but demand popular kept him going back to the "normal" Ken Martin shape. There just are not many of this style barrel and insert out there. There are even fewer that are Mint in Mint box with paperwork and with intact stick on label. Darned few. I revised the photo of this call and it is the same one listed above. SOLD.

Ducks Unlimited Duck Call Lighter. Yep a lighter. Perfect with DU logo, brass band and brass at tip of insert. I know you don't smoke cigarettes, but it will fire up your occasional cigar or pipe just fine. Or start your camp fire, etc. Perfect working order, Brand New. SOLD (zz)

Broadbill Duck Call. Remember guys, these are for diving ducks. They still work for divers!!! Collect one and use it too. There is a date of Mar 14, 1916 on metal that holds it together. Some paint wear, still VG+ SOLD (ot)

Mallardtone TR-78 Double Reed Duck Call. A very nice Mallardtone double reed call with just a trace of burl in the walnut on reverse side. Some light wear on the label, otherwise call and lanyard are Mint. SOLD(lt)

P. S. Olt L-22 Goose Call. Yeah, I know its only an L-22, but it is near Mint. You can wait until the prices go up on these low priced Olt calls, or you can buy the bargains now and enjoy the fruits of your labor later. It is up to you. Light handling marks, letters clear, pint near perfect. The L might be a little light at top, ditto one of the tops of one of the 2s. Near Mint. SOLD (en)

P. S. Olt E-1 Regular Crow Call. Made in the 1950s, it has the World Logo. There are no many Olts that can be dated as closely as the world logs which were made about 1956-8. Lettering is light but colmpletely legible. Letters "R O R" lightly scratched on barrel. (What was Robert Ruark's middle name???) Exc. $24

Above photo, left to right:

Wood Duck and Squirrel Call. Yes, this little call is a serious working call. Included instructions tell you how to use it to call woodies and squirrels. Made by Breland Edwards, he has even put a little "duck band" on the lanyard. The band says "Lil Lake" and "Made in USA". Brand New, Mint. $20

Unknown mystery call. I have had this call over 25 years. No one has been able to identify it. I presume it was going to be an Arkansas style call. However, it was never finished. The insert (plug) is just that, a plug. It was never drilled, cut, worked in any way. It is just a solid piece of wood. Why the call had final finish applied has always been a mystery to me. Anyhow it is the kind of thing that makes collecting so intriging. One of a kind! Never used, etc... Mint. $60

Unknown Duck Call. Could be Tommy Toon. Well made African blackwood with cocabolo insert, banded. Mint. $85

Jim Blakemore hat pin or lapel pin call. No is does not blow, but you will be the only guy in your group with one. They are very scarce. It is the same shape as his full size calls, but, as you can see, is much smaller. Cute even. This one has 83 in the little white circle. That is the year it was made. I bought a card full from him back then. They sold out quickly. This is the one I kept for myself. Mint, unusual, and scarce $35

Johnson Duck Call. This is a really great call, made by a father and son team here in Ohio. (see Fleming) Dad does the wood work and son makes the sounds. Both are very good at what they do. I have my choice of many calls, but my go to call is one they made for me about 10 years ago. Banded Osage orange. The name Johnson is engraved in the brass band. Mint $85

Unknown Duck Call. A really nicely made raised panel duck call. Has four raised shield shaped panels, four spires from below. Walnut has nice deep rich tone and some figure. Good workmanship. Banded. One scratch on one panel are all that keep it from being mint. SOLD (ul)

Trutone Crow. Name clearly stamped in barrel. Mint, but missing reed. I may have something that will work if you want to use it. SOLD (cl)

Schrade Classic Uncle Henry Knife. (I have so much miscelaneous stuff around I am thinking of make an new category on my home page. I just don't know what to call it besides Misc. Thinking of "Buttons, Badges, Knives, and More..." Give me your thoughts, PLEASE!) Anyhow, back to the Schrade. It is a bone handle, 2 3/4" Classic. Comes in velvet lined thick folding box with instructions, warranty, even a little case for the knife itself. Three blades, the third being scissors. Clip on back of knife says Uncle Henry, as do the blades. Brass shield in bone says Schrade with decoration around the name. I even have the original cardboard sleeve it was packaged in originally. Mint. $29

Above photo, left to right:

P S Olt Junior Crow Call V-16. Has a mark shown in photo and some rubbing to barrel. Lettering very good wxcet for the V-16 which is very light. Some brownig (sun exposure) to the hard rubber mouthpieces. Overall, Very Good+ $37

P S Olt Crow Call E-1. Hard rubber. Old lettering with just name and "Pekin, Ills". Has brilliant lettering, Mint. SOLD (ee)

P S Olt Crow Call E-1. Hard rubber. Old lettering with just name and "Pekin, Ills". Couple of letters not clear, but call is still Mint $20

P S Olt Crow Call E-1. Hard rubber. Later letting with more information. Bright lettering, but a clouple of chips in it. Exc. $18

P S Olt Crow Call E-1. Hard rubber. Later letting with more information. Mint. $15

P S Olt Crow Call E-1. Hard rubber. Later letting with more information. Lettering worn, call is exc. $12

P S Olt Crow Call E-1. Plastic. Wonder why the plastic E-1 Crow calls are larger than the same model in hard rubber? And why are the words written in the opposite direction? Olt has many mysteries... Lettering perfect but not a bright as some, still Mint. (ex) SOLD

P S Olt Crow Call E-1. Plastic. Wonder why the plastic E-1 Crow calls are larger than the same model in hard rubber? And why are the words written in the opposite direction? Olt has many mysteries... Mint with bright letters. (eo) SOLD p>

Above photo, left to right:

P. S. Olt D-2 KEYHOLE Duck Call. This is the real deal, all hard rubber in exc condition with the old black reed. SOLD (ztt)

P. S. Olt D-2 KEYHOLE Duck Call. Hard rubber insert with plastic barrel, just as it came from the factory. Mint. SOLD (zut)

George Soule/L. L. Bean Duck Call. I put this call on here to show you what I am looking for. I want to purchase a couple more of these calls. I only talked, by phone, with George once. It was a typical wandering conversation between two guys sharing their foundness for a sport: duck hunting, and the decoys and calls associated with same. During the conversation, George promised to make me a call, even though he had not made them for Bean in some time. Alas, his tme on earth would not allow him to finish it. I cherish the memory of our talk, and would like a few of his calls to go with it. This is what they look like. The band says "Soule Coastal Call" twice around the band, which is held on with screws. In size and shape the call is a dead ringer for a Johnny Marsh, which I am sure is what George copied. Might as well copy the best. This call is NOT FOR SALE. I am asking you to find one (or more) and call me at 740-698-5060. I want to buy one or two.

Ken Martin Goose Call. This is a really pretty, graceful, early Ken Martin call. Note how slender the waist is, this gal is a perfect 36-24-36 so to speak. (She still may go in my collection.) Earliest Ken Martin brand, the small letter Lemont, which dates her to the early 1960s. Still has Ken's original knotless lanyard. Rich walnut with original bright red reed. Mint. (dnl) SOLD

Ken Martin Duck Call. This is a very unusual Ken Martin duck call. Ken was forever trying different shapes for his duck calls, but customers loved the short, acorn top calls we think of first. As hard as he tried, he had to keep going back to it to supply demand. This one is an early example of his trying to go a different way. I can only recall seeing one other call of this shape in over a quarter century of selling Ken's calls. In 1987 he launched his signature series with a call that somewhat resembled this shape, so aparently it was something he liked a lot. It is an early call with bright red reed and no brand, late 1950s perhaps. (By the way, it was a real jolt for many of the old call makers when the this bright red reed material was discontinued. Many makers used it and found it to be the best stuff available. It caused them to scramble to find something else that would work. Many have talked about how nothing else seemed to give them the same sound.) Call is Mint. SOLD (eyl)

P. S. Olt D-2 Duck Call. World Logo dates this call to 1956-58. Some white on the lettering is faint, so Exc+ SOLD (ot)

P. S. Olt L-22 Goose Call. Mint. These calls are under valued at present. Stock up now. Mint. $27

Above photo, left to right:

Johnny Marsh Metal Reed Duck Call. This is one of the earlier calls not signed. Howard Harlan, p.179, states Johnny Marsh made "one of the finest metal reed calls ever produced". Not much I can add. Walnut barrel with blackwood insert. This call dates between 1958-1962 as those are the years the seller states his father bought them from Marsh. The son is my age, so well old enough to remember those years distincly. I do. Light handling and use marks, with small indent at collar from lanyard. The call still rings. Exc. SOLD (ltl)

Sure Shot Goose Call. Nice two tone piece of walnut. Mint in vg box. SOLD (el)

Charles Perdew Crow Call. This is a very desirable small crow call, The barrel measuring only 3 1/2 inches, overall length 4 1/4 inches. There is one blemish on the back side where the call took a heavy blow from something harder thean the cedar. There is a gash and inch tall and 3/8 inch wide and the blow caused the barrel to crack. Everything is still working, the call sounds good yet, good enough to get the intended job done. It looks like it was a favorite of someone, the stamping is worn so much as to be hard to read. I do like a call with history, and this one has one. I can imagine some old hunter carressing it by rotating it in his hand while waiting for the crows to show up and then his sweaty hand shining the call as he coaxed them the last few yards...bang! How many hundreds of times? Oh well, back to reality. Small sizes are difficult to find and highly sought. Very Good. $250

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Take a good look at this goose call. There were only 25 made. Period. 25. Glynn made these for me to celebrate my 25th year of living independly poor, the 25th Anniversary of Dale's Decoy Den. Each call went out with a copy of a letter written by Glynn to the effect that he designed this shape just for the event and he would never make it again unless I requested more. I never did. Letter still in this box, call, and box are Mint. Very scarce. The call SOLD before I could get the picture taken and put it on line.

Above photo, left to right:

Carved Goose Head Goose Call. Nicely done with unusual arrangement to attach lanyard. Mint. $85

Herters Crow Call. This is the top of the line, model 309, Tigerwood call. Way scarcer than the plainer models. teeth marks on tip of plastic mouthpieces, else Mint. SOLD (ox)

Tim Grounds Goose Call. A rare wooden Grounds call. He did not like doing the wood work, so there are not many wooden Grounds calls. It used to be a riot to see Tim at a competition. He had an entourage of young callers who followed him around like baby ducks follow a hen. Look for the little gaggle moving, and Tim would be at the head of it. I don't know if those guys collect Ground's calls the way Sean Mann's fans collect his. But I digress... Hand signed by Tim and also hand written is "Honkers Magic Magnet". Hansome maple barrel with walnut insert. Mint. SOLD (dlx)

Tim Grounds Goose Call. Hand engraved by Tim, it reads Half Breed "Goose Talk" and his signature. Plastic. Mint as made, looks like glue was used to keep prying eyes from seeing the innards and some residue is visuble around the joint. SOLD (zlx)

Mallardtone Duck Call. The seldom seen model 295 with red wedge. Exc++ SOLD (OX)

Thompson Wildlife Calls. This is the Million Dollar Duck Call, Model T-450. It is a remarkable call in several ways. One state wildlife department was buying them from me to modify to use as a coyote call. I was the editor of CCAA newsletter at the time, and asked my contact if he would write a story about it. His supervisor said they didn't want to give away any secretes and nixed it. A much sought. Looks like some erstwhile fellow tried to get the insert out with his teeth, to no avail. Other than that the call is Exc. $85

Lohman Duck Call. Neosho. Walnut barrel with cherry insert, better than it shows in pic. Absolutely Mint. SOLD (ex)

Above photo, left to right:

P. S. Olt D-2 Duck Call. This call has the round cut out in the tone board that guys in the know crave. The toneboard has the high arc that those with the Keyhole have. Light wear to lettering, still Exc. $55

P. S. Olt Crow Call. The old hard rubber version of the E-1 Regular Crow Call. 4 small marks in surface, do not affect function in any way. Still shinny clean. Exc- $23

P. S. Olt Hawk Call. Both mouth pieces and barrel are hard rubber. One clever fellow made a nifty wire lanyard holder for this call. I would think he actually used it. I am so jealous. Can you imagine how much fun it must have been to shoot those fleet windged game killers? Think of it: we had game in plenty when we managed predators. The good old days? You bet. Call is Mint except fot the ring the wire has made in the barrel. $30

P. S. Olt C-3 Duck. This is the older style, made with three peices, barrel and two moutpiece parts. Hard rubber of course. Call has one small gouge in barrel near mouth pieces, only 3/8" long. Otherwise the call is Exc. These old style C-3 calls are getting scarce. (ztt) SOLD

P. S. Olt C-3 Duck. This is the revised style and it is much easier to tune and keep in tune than its predcessor. Sometimes referred to as the pipestem call, this all hard rubber call is near Mint. I bought it right and I am passing the savings on to one smart, quick buyer. I have sold several in like condition in the $100 neighborhood. (znl) SOLD

Above photo, left to right:

Clem Blackburn "Ole Susie" Call. Beautiful cocabolo, with brass band. Most don't know Clem signed his reeds. He did. The reed in the call and the spare in the box both have his scripted CB in them. Yes in, not on, he scribed them with some sort of sharp instrument that cut into the reed material ever so lightly, but enough. He was a craftsman of the highest order. Also in the box are an extra cork and papers describing the call and how to use it. Howard Harlan, in his monumental book on duck calls (if you do not have it, get it!) called Clem "the best". Howard introduced Clem to me. Having seen them together, I am sure Howard meant both the man and his calls are "the best". I agree. Mint in mint box. (ocx) SOLD

Johnny Marsh Metal Reed Duck Call. This is one of the earlier calls not signed. Howard Harlan, p.179, states Johnny Marsh made "one of the finest metal reed calls ever produced". Not much I can add. Walnut barrel with blackwood insert. This call dates between 1958-1962 as those are the years the seller states his father bought them from Marsh. The son is my age, so well old enough to remember those years distincly. I do. Light handling and use marks, with small indent at collar from lanyard. The call still rings. Exc.SOLD (also pictured above)

Trutone Crow. Name clearly stamped in barrel. Mint, but missing reed. I may have something that will work if you want to use it. $55

Glynn Scobey Magnum Goose Call. This is the first year of issue for the Magnum. Glynn had to buy white nylon and hand produce all the pices inside. If I didn't have a couple of these that I purchased directly from Glynn, along with the information I just gave you, I would not sell it. Price on request. Serious buyers call me or email. (eel) SOLD

Ducks Unlimited Duck Call. Double reed call with nice soft, fuzzy sound. Label states 2000. Yikes, that was a while ago already! Mint with label. I have 5 of them. ALL SOLD

Yentzen Double Reed Duck Call. This is the one users want, the earlier one with the wider reeds. This one mint with label. (zyl) SOLD

Unknown (to me). I presume it is a duck call. Looks like a plastic reed call, but it is not. It has a thin slice in stopper for folded over metal reed. Sadly the reed is bent in six different directions and merely squeaks softly now. Make offers if you have ANY desire to own this call.

Oliverous PULL-EM Crow Call. Exc call with exc+ label in VG box. I don't think this call has ever been used. SOLD (ou)

Green Head Adjustable Goose. Mint in original clear plastic box with papers. Plastic box minus one end and piece missing from top. (The guy who had it described the box as exc. I would say vg-. Still, it has kept the call and papers together, so it is functional. SOLD (cy)

F. A. Allen Duck Call. Nice, clean representaion and the best sounding Allen I have heard. NO wood splits! Not even little ones. Early call maker, ca 1900. (Allen was born in 1838 and died in 1912, Harlan p. 291) Exc. (nl) SOLD

Kum Duck Call. These are really scarce. In fact, this is the first one I have had in over 25 years selling collectible calls. Made calls in Oregon in the 1950's according to Harlan, p 198. Green plastic, much thicker barrel walls, even stopper walls, than Olt hard rubber calls. Name and patent number impressed in barrel Exc. (yx) SOLD

Mallardtone Duck Call. Mint. $40

Mallardtone Duck Call. Mint. Impression a little cleaner, deeper than the one above. SOLD (cl)

Olt C-3 Duck Call. Early 3 piece version. Hard rubber, looks unused. Mint. SOLD (dxx)

Olt L-22 Goose Call. Mint. $24

Herters C 70 Stage One Predator Call. One small chip to back rim of plastic stopper. Exc. 27

Olt F-16 Turkey Call. Mint in box with papers, striker, even the chaulk! Cardboard bottom of box is exc+, plastic top has split on one end. (zox) SOLD

Olt F-16 Turkey Call. Mint with striker. $45

Olt D-2 Duck Call. Wear to some of the lettering is its only flaw, else perfect. EXC SOLD (cc)

Olt E-1 Crow Call. I should have cleaned it before the photo. Hard rubber, it is perfect, not even a tooth mark on the mouthpieces. Corrrect box bottom, marked E-1 Crow. Box is dirty and bent and without top. Call is Mint. SOLD (zee)

Olt C-3 Perfect Mallard Call. Hard rubber. Light tooth indentations otherwise clean with strong lettering. Exc+ $75

Olt A-5 Perfect Goose Call. WORLD LOGO. I didn't notice until now, I had the call turned in the photo so the world logo doesn't show. It is in box also with world Logo on the end (1956-8). Screw together hard rubber. Jim West showed me how to use these as brant calls. He called one group back 3 times when I was with him one time. We each took one on the first pass, my gun jammed, he called them back, gun still jammed. He stood up and chased them off. Gun corrected, he called them back for the 3rd time and we each took one more. He was amazing. Back to the call, it has some sun browning, lettering worn but visable, logo the same. Box exc bottom with piece missing off one corner. Very good+ in like box. WORLD LOGO. $35

Who says an Olt collection has to be boring and black? All of these seemed to have been made in numbers less than 200 each, some much less. To keep it simple, all are Mint. D2 duck calls are all sold; A50 Flute goose calls, $95 each. I still have a few colors left. mail me for availability

Calls are coming in faster than I can get them listed. Here are some recent additions, described below, from left to right.

Mallardtone Duck. Missing key and reed. Barrel and insert are Mint. $ 12

Mallardtone Double Reed Duck. Model TR-78. Nice wood, green key, label has some rubs, but still exc-. Overall Exc. Scarce. SOLD (NL)

Mallartone Goose. Mint. $25

Mallardtone Goose. Combination of light colored walnut and clear, deep brand make this a stand out Mallardtone. Would be difficult to find a nicer one. Mint and special. $30

John Spotts Duck. Mint. SOLD (zlx)

P. S. Olt D-2 Duck. Very rare torquoise Olt with gold lettering! Also has gold Illinois state shape with flying goose. More gold lettering says Tri-County Ducks and Geese Forever--2000 and the number 92. Mint. SOLD (NL)

P. S. Olt Junior Duck, J-15. Has one area on back where someone (bored young hunter?) rubbed barrel with something. It looks like he also tried to make tally marks. Insert and front half of barrel are Exc. Very presentable. White lettering is very strong. Hard to come by. SOLD (clz)

P. S. Olt Junior Crow, V-16. An area about 3/8 by 3/4 inch is rubbed with knife (?) It has a few paint spots on barrel near white lettering. Lettering is strong except for the model designation. The hard rubber mouth pieces have browned from sunlight. Exc except as noted. Hard to find. $36

Green Head Adjustable Duck. This is the ORIGINAL adjustable Green Head with patten number stamped in raised ring near lanyard groove. Adjuster is aluminum on these originals. As with many, if not most, the adjustment is locked. Otherwise about Mint. SOLD (TL)

I have 19 Clem Blackburn reeds and corks. I was fortunate enough to meet Mr Blackburn on several occasions and he was nice enough to sell me his fabulous calls wholesale so I could carry them in Dale's Decoy Den as inventory. All the calls are long since sold, but I do have these spare reeds and corks he graciously provided to me. 13 of the reeds are signed "CB", 6 are not. You can barely make out the CB in the reed at bottom by itself. I have tried to enhance it, but everything I do makes it worse. He scribed these initials on with a writing needle or something similar. They show in the reed better than in the photo. All have been trimmed and ready to use, Mint of course. Signed ones are $15 each, unsigned $12 each. If you own a Blackburn call jump on this now, you will need an extra reed sooner or later. Unique offering!

All Scobey calls sold.

The Winchester .410 shotshell crate is unique in that is has retained its original top board! That is seldom the case. Exc conditon, Sold

Toad Crow call. See in photo above. Ca 1950s. Small hole in back to put lanyard cord through. Label perfect. Mint. Hard to find. $40

Laminated Duck Call by Eugene Persall. Mr Persall worked in the 1980s in Cowlitz County Washington. This is a very nice laminated purple heart and some lighter colored wood I do not know, although it reminds me of elm.. Very limited production according to his granddaughter. Mint as made. (Seems the tone channel was drilled too close to the edge and it is sound challenged. Displays nicely, priced moderaltely.) $65

John Shoemaker Semi-circular 4 Tier Call Stand. This is a great stand, holds 33 calls, and is designed to stand on its own or be hung on a wall. As shown, it is mounted on wall. I have shown it with only a few calls so you can see the stand itself. Pegs are spaced so calls in front don't hide ones behind. Also, the rises are enough so lower ones don't get in the way of those above. I love mine. I can get you one just like it. Specify if you want light or dark stain on yours. Hand made by John and signed by him. Mint. $75

John Shoemaker Call Stand. MADE OF OAK WITH LIGHT STAIN TO REALLY SHOW OFF YOUR CALLS. MADE IN Three Tiers, EACH STAND is MADE STEEP ENOUGH SO THE BACK ROW is NOT HIDDEN BY CALLS IN FRONT. May be mounted on a wall or stands on a shelf,table, or wherever you disire. Holds 29 calls. Mint. $60

Very unusual newer plastic duck call. No name. 4 3/4" tall, only 5/8" wide. It is a double reed, dual tone nice sounding call. A hole in the side of the insert lets you select more or less rasp! It works. Exc. $20

Herter's World Famous No. 39 Rabbit Flusher. Only Mr. Herter, the extraordinary marketer, could dream this one up! I have no idea if they worked, but it sure makes collecting calls a little more fun. Call is the size of his crow or predator calls in full sized box. The box is a work of art with bright red lettering and a red rabbit on top and both ends. Bottom of the two piece cardboard box has an advertisement for Herter's "VARI-CHOKE or VARI-CHOKE WITH RECOIL ELIMINATOR". The warning, "DO NOT USE THIS FLUSHER BEFORE CAREFULLY READING THE ENCLOSED INSTRUCTIONS" is precious. Unfortunately a previous owner must have found another use them (the outhouse?) as they are missing. Call is MINT and the box is EXC+. Scarce offering, especially in this condition. $55

P. S. Olt Goose. Model A-50. Canadian Honker Call. Would an Olt by any other color sound as sweet? It does! This is a special bright yellow made by Olt for TriCounty Ducks and Geese Forever, so stated on the reverse of barrel. Also is an outline of the state of Illinois with a canada goose flying in front of it. This call is also marked #19. Call is mint.Same Olt sound, unusual Olt collectible. (The bufflehead is an actual gunning, hollow cedar, decoy made by me. See under Hunting Decoys on this website.) Call is sold. OTHER COLORS AVAILABLE, SEE ELSEWHERE ON THIS PAGE.

P. S. Olt Goose. Model A-50. Canadian Honker Call. The original flute call. Black barrel, brown ends. Light wear to some letters, overall exc. $45

P. S. Olt Goose. L-22 Regular Goose Call. Very unusual marbled red and gray barrel make this stand out in any crowd of Olt goose calls. Light wear to lettering, all easily legible. Exc. $32

P. S. Olt Goose. L-22 Regular Goose Call. Nice clean call in exc condition. White lettering all intact. $25

P. S. Olt Hawk call. Brown, Model Number G-7. Call is Mint with World Logo which dates it to 1956-58. Some lettering looks like it didn't take on barrel, but what is there is strong and bright. Parts of Peking, Reg. and the H in hawk are not clear. Likewise e in the and wor in world on the logo. Make no mistake, this is not from wear, the call is squeakey clean and mint, as made. I now have two of these. It is virtually the same letters on both that are weak, so it must have been the way they came from the Olt factory. $45 each

P. S. Olt Squirrel Call. Model number S-8. Hard rubber, brown barrel with black ends. Has World Logo, 1950's. White lettering on call is faint, but readable. logo clearly showing, although faint. Spring still strong, good sound. $49

Sure Shot Predator. Model 1350. Looks black to these dim old eyes. Call is mint, label has some wrinkling on the right edge, outside the lettering. No zip code in address. $10

Lohman Duck Call. Hansome two tone walnut with impressed name and location, Neosho, Mo. Mint. $25

We carried a complete line of Glynn Scobey calls while he was alive. Since Glynn's passing all his calls have been sold, except for my personal collection of about 100. I am not interested in piece mealing them out. Serious buyers can contact me about buying them all. These are not average calls, but older ones, unusual ones, special calls made for Dale's Decoy Den, etc. Example: I have the first 5 calls he painted hen mallards on, and a letter to prove it. That kind of calls. I have the first call he painted a wood duck on and letter to back it.

Glynn Scobey painted wood duck call. Mint. Glynn just started painting his wood duck calls, so these are hot. Brand New, mint. sold Glynn Scobey plastic reed duck with one painted mallard. Brand New, mint in box Sold. Glynn Scobey plastic reed duck with two painted mallards. Brand New, mint in box sold.

Mike Fixter. Instructional calling tape. 1991. Exc+ in original clear plastic case. $9

For more information or to purchase any of the above items please give me a call.

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